Chain Clash

Prototype for a multiplayer game that blends cooperative and competitive gameplay.

I was directly involved in:

  • Designing the mechanics and concepts of the game.
  • Level layout, design, and creation.
  • Asset creation: All pixel art with the exception of the player characters.
  • UI & UX.
  • Production.

Two player characters united by a chain need to surround enemies in order to add a point to a point pool. When the pool of points reaches a threshold, an exit spawns on the map. The first player to reach the exit gets all the previous points. It was a challenging, but interesting project. It was made in Unity, and the characters are controlled using the same keyboard (WASD & Arrow keys). You can even choose your character!

You can download the prototype here: Chain Clash Zip Download

Remember to unzip the file and execute it.

The Data folder & executable have to be in the same folder for the game to run.

Title Screen


Oh no! A cactus!

Not again...