Recoil Blast

Survival arcade space shooter like asteroids.

Android game, 2017 6 weeks class assignment.

I was directly involved in:

  • Designing game systems & concept.
  • Asset polish & integration.
  • UI & UX.
  • Production.

The team and I decided to create a simple, addictive, and fun arcade game where you could show off your high score to your friends, and we ended up with just that. The player controls a triangle ship that can shoots a bullet in the direction where the player touches the screen and can only move with the recoil from the shot.

You can download the game here: Recoil Blast Android Download

(The latest version of the game featured poorly implemented adds that messed up the UI. For a better version, you can find me at Contact.)

Start Menu (It should be brighter in game :)

Development note: For the main Menu UI, we decided to go bold, minimalist, and simplistic; using big buttons that display useful text-less information (like what the mobile games company Ketchapp uses in their apps). We wanted the user to experience a fun and fast transition between game-play and score display, so that the players could easily show off their high score. Using most of the screen for the play button and highlighting the score with empty space we were able to find a cohesive, direct, and engaging menu.

So many enemies! (Pink one is player)

Development note: For the main scene, we decided to display the lives/HP of all space-ships within their sprites to create a minimalist GUI that would not clutter the screen. All the ships have their own shape, color, and behavior that become instantly recognizable to our players. The High-score is slightly transparent for better visibility.

Credits... I am there!