Kickback, Arcade Game. Now on the Play Store! ($0.99)


Kickback is a skill-based mobile arcade game where you rack up high score by controlling a spaceship’s movement with the kickback of your shots.

The game has a retro neon 80’s aesthetic, visual unlockables, multiple enemies types, and it becomes faster and harder as you progress.

The game is polished, optimized for mobile, and can become incredibly marketable thanks to its scalability.

Kickback is the true form of a game concept I previously published with my classmates called "Recoil Blast". The game was used for my Capstone as a representation of what a small independent team could produce (from idea to App Store) in 6 weeks using only free tools, including Unity.

I was directly involved in:

    • Designing game systems & concept.
    • Asset creation & integration.
    • UI & UX.
    • Visual Effects.
    • Production.

Retro arcade game emulating the feel of Asteroids and Geometry Wars with a fun twist to the mechanics.

We tried to produce a sense of 80s nostalgia with the UI by using geometrical shape patterns from that time. Since the "feel of the game" was supposed to be fun, active, somewhat stressful, and mildly addictive; music choice, sound effects, and visual effects were used strategically to achieve that experience.

UI/UX & Gameplay

We tried to create a fun, but gradually stressing experience compared to 80's arcade games.

Main Menu

  • Buttons have shaders applied to their sprites creating a dynamic hologram-like effect.
  • Buttons have sounds when they click.
  • Menus are easily accessible, and fast to get to.

Ship Selection

The ship buttons display the shape of the ship and the high score unlock goal to give players something to strive for.

Game Over

The screen has a shader that acts like an old monitor filter.

Game Document

Recoil Blast (Capstone) Fast Game Doc