Strategy board game where you use tile pieces to eliminate other players.

Board Game / Virtual Board Game, Out Now on the Android Play Store!

I was directly involved in:

  • Designing game systems & concept.
  • Asset creation & integration.
  • UI & UX.
  • Production.

Simple but deep strategy game, that uses an 8 x 8 board and only two other piece types to be played. Tiles is scalable, moddable, and fun!

You can get the virtual version of the board game Here at the Android Play Store.

For an early local multiplayer Tiles demo, download the zip file on here Tiles Conference Demo.

It is recommended to play the demo in windowed version. To exit the demo close the application window.

Out Now!


Main menu screen shot.

Game play screen shot!

Game Document

Tiles Design Doc

The Interface

For the Main Menu, I was thinking of papers on top of each other, so I made a sliding menu that fitted the premise of an old "pop up book" or "art book".

The buttons are supposed to represent 3D pieces similar to the Player Tokens.

It was challenging to create a menu with a set amount of panels and little to none text, but it managed to be clean, interesting, and (hopefully) understandable.









For the game UI, I decided to go for an abstract, text-less approach making it pretty minimalist and clean.

I iterated over various designs until I decided to go for the 3rd design shown here.

Number 3 looks like an art notebook or a piece of wood that is holding sheets of paper with the board coming out of it.

That design gives easy and fast access to the menu and it looked mildly interesting by being asymmetrical.





Third Prototype

Physical feel version.

Second Prototype



Card stock version.

First Prototype

Paper version.

Demo Showcase

At the M+Dev Conference showcasing demo!